Cookie Statement

Cookies, what are they, why are they needed and are they edible? 
Cookies are necessary for our Autopar webshop to function properly and to make it more user-friendly for you. It works like this: your computer, smartphone or tablet stores (text) files when you use our website. An advantage of this is that we can recognize you and ensure that you do not have to enter your details again and again. They are not edible. 

Don’t want cookies? 
You can always adjust your settings or delete cookies yourself. If you disable cookies, you may no longer be able to use certain functions of our site and the website may not work as well. 

Give or not give permission
We do not have to ask your permission immediately to place and read certain cookies. This applies to cookies that are necessary for communication via the internet, cookies that are only used to provide our services or analytical cookies that have no or minimal influence on your privacy. For other cookies, we ask your permission before we place and read them. We do this via the cookie footer in our webshop. It states that you accept cookies by clicking further in our shop. Don’t you want this? Then you can choose to go to another website with similar content. 

We use the following cookies: 

Functional cookies
These cookies ensure that our webshop works properly. Think of logging in, remembering information so that you do not have to fill in everything over and over again, putting items in your shopping cart and remembering your shopping cart.

Analytical cookies 
With these cookies we measure and analyse how you use our webshop and what we can change to improve your experience. For example, we measure how many customers view certain pages and which parts are of most interest to our visitors. We also use third-party software for this, such as Google Analytics, which we have set privacy-friendly. These statistics and reports cannot be traced back to individuals.

For the cookies that social media and third parties place and the possible data they collect with them, we refer you to the statements of these parties on their own websites. Please note that these statements can change regularly, autopar has no influence on this.

● Facebook Inc. 
● Twitter Inc. 
● Instagram
● Google Analytics

Autopar statement regarding the use of Google Analytics cookies 
• Autopar uses Google Analytics cookies; 
• Autopar has entered into a processor agreement; 
• Autopar has chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address; 
• Autopar has disabled the Google Analytics option ‘Share data’; 
• Autopar does not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.