Volkswagen Caddy radio and navigation systems – Looking for a radio / navigation system for your Caddy? We only sell original Volkswagen radio and navigation systems with warranty! If you want to equip your VW Caddy with a good navigation system and / or original Volkswagen bluetooth to make hands-free calls, we can help you with this. We build in, give advice and guarantee the operation of all our products and services. Volkswagen Caddy’s can be equipped with the RNS510 RNS315, RCD300, RCD210, RCD310, RNS310 always pay attention to the year of your Caddy when choosing your VW navigation or radio. Do you have a VW Caddy? And are you looking for parts for that? That is good, because we have divided our Volkswagen Caddy car parts range into the categories below. Are you looking for, for example, original parking sensors for your Caddy? Then take a look at Multimedia or Accessories. Have your Volkswagen Caddy fitted with your ordered materials? We can also take care of that for you, sometimes even on location. Please contact 058 750 5956 if you want more information about VW Caddy parts.

Caddy Categories