VW Polo hands-free calling

Would you like to install a bluetooth calling system in your VW Polo afterwards? At Autopar.eu we arrange it for you! We can professionally equip a Volkswagen Polo in the years 2009 to 2014 with an original Volkswagen bell and hands-free system. No more unsafe situations or high fines, we can install hands-free calls in your Polo in an hour. Would you also like to make original Volkswagen hands-free calls in your Polo? Call or email us for more information, or view the products in this category! 

For example, do you have an RNS510, RNS310 or RNS315 without bluetooth calling in your VW Polo? The phone button then ensures that the sound simply goes ‘mute’ or silent. We can change this by adding the product ‘Volkswagen Bluetooth Handsfree Calling RNS510, RNS310, RNS315 and RCD510 – 7P6’, a clear call menu in your VW Polo!

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