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Danny – Parking sensors Golf 6 – Front and rear

“Never run into anything again”

‘ Have the parking sensors for Golf 6 built into my car. Went great, nicely sprayed in color. Boys from (formerly ed.) In Leeuwarden have neatly built in and programmed the system in my on-board computer. Now I get to see neatly on my RNS510 what I should not run into. Top!’ 

HansR – RNS510 | C version | Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

‘RNS510 C with a surprise’

‘A few weeks ago, our RNS510 was stolen from our Golf 5 . After some wandering and a lot of annoyances I came to this site by chance. Last week our new device was built in by Autopar. As a surprise, the gentlemen turned out to have connected our voice control as well. Had very good advice, and very customer friendly. Thanks Frans and Bas !! Recommended!!!’

Rene – RNS300 Integrated Navigation System | VW Golf V | Plus | Touran | Passat et al

“Great service!”

“I bought an RNS300 that was delivered super fast; unfortunately after installation it turned out that the CD player had suffered a knock during transport, so that the CD was not loaded. Repaired and delivered at home by (formerly ed.), Compliments! ‘

Robert Reuvekamp – RCD 300 Silver | Golf V | Plus | Passat | Caddy et al

‘Perfect service’

“I had ordered an RCD300 black / chrome but was temporarily unavailable after contacting Frans, I could get an RCD300 silver for the same price, perfect service completely top (formerly ed.) Thank you.”

F. Van Hemert – RCD 300 Silver | Golf V | Plus | Passat | Caddy et al


‘After having contacted an Autopar employee by telephone, ordered an RCD300. Through this employee also received a installation address from a partner in the area, why think along !! Thank you Frans for your explanation and fast service. Mvg F. Van Hemert ‘

R. Aalbersberg – RNS315 Radio Navigation System with Bluetooth


‘ Having an RNS 315 built in two weeks ago , this has been done very professionally. Everything neatly built in and works as it should work. I am very satisfied.’

Greenfinch – RCD 300 Black-Chrome | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

“What a service, will recommend this to everyone”

“Radio 300 ordered very nicely, couldn’t be better, thanks for everything.”

N Kouwenberg – RCD 300 Black-Chrome | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

“What a service, will recommend this to everyone”

“It couldn’t be better, thanks everything looks neat. Emailed on Saturday and neatly packaged at home on Tuesday, keep it up. Thanks for everything.’

Ferry – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

Top service

“I ordered the RCD300 and have absolutely no regrets. The radio was quickly delivered and all the reviews are correct, it is a simple job. The most important thing is that you do it with care and do not pull everything too hard. Also the mail traffic with Autopar is excellent. I really get the feeling that they want to think along with you. Thanks !! “

R. Galin – RNS315 Radio Navigation System with Bluetooth


‘ Having an RNS 315 installed last week , this was done with the utmost care and quality. I am very satisfied with the professionalism of these gentlemen. Thanks.’

Edwin – RCD 310 blue-red | VW Golf VI | Polo 2008-2011 ea VW’s after 2008

‘So far very satisfied with the RCD310 for vw golf 5′

‘Last year I bought an RCD310 for my VW Golf 5 at (formerly, to replace my RCD210 . The delivered radio looks very neat for a used radio! Does what he has to do! Both questions before and after purchase are answered quickly and carefully. If you are looking for an original VW radio, this address is 100% recommended! ‘

PE – RCD 310 blue-red | VW Golf VI | Polo 2008-2011 ea VW’s after 2008

RCD 310 excellent

‘Obtained information by telephone before ordering and spoke very well and friendly. Ordered quickly at (formerly, later also a booklet order ditto. Good device and an excellent price. I recommend (formerly to everyone. ‘ 

Benno1967 – RNS510 | C version | Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

‘Perfect after sales and service’

“Had bought an RNS 510 from Autopar for my Tiguan . Especially here because I absolutely do not want to cooperate with stolen copies that can be obtained via marketplace. After installation, the SD card reader did not work properly in my car and this was perfectly resolved by the Autopar team under warranty. A replacement RNS was sent immediately without any doubt and discussion. Everything with fast and pleasant communication. So recommended. ” 

Danique – RNS510 | C version | Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

‘Good and customer-friendly service’

‘ Have the RNS510 built into my Polo a few weeks ago  . Due to some organizational problems, it was built in on location. This testifies to a very good service that I am very pleased with. The radio works well and is fine and neatly built in. I am very satisfied with the service, customer-friendliness and advice from (formerly ‘ 

Gert-Jan – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘Nice delivery, nice radio’

‘Ordered this radio the day before yesterday, received it yesterday and installed it today. To replace a single din Sony radio. Delivery was neat, a sturdy box with enough styrofoam for protection. Radio looks like new (even though it has been used). Consciously chosen for this radio, given that radio with navigation is much more expensive and theft is more sensitive. Result looks super sleek! Installation description from this site is also clear enough. ‘ 

Lex – RNS510 | C version | Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

“Just fine!”

‘After a long doubt radio and / or parrot or RNS 510 decision made by advice from Autopar to purchase an RNS 510 with bluetooth box. Works great in my Passat 2006. Also great cooperation with the boys (installation location) in Zeist. Radio built there very expertly (enthusiasts) and neat workers. In short, very satisfied with the performance of (formerly Would do it again! ” 

Rudie – RNS300 Integrated navigation system | VW Golf V | Plus | Touran | Passat et al

“Very neatly built in and works fine, highly recommended!”

‘On 31-08-2012 the RNS300 built in Leeuwarden, super neat radio, booklets, code, everything included and very neatly built in and works fine. In short, highly recommended! And the coffee was fine too haha. ” 

Vincent – RNS310 | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

‘Top service and product’

‘From the very beginning of contact, there was an extremely good service. I received answers to my questions extremely quickly and was well guided throughout the process. I am also very satisfied with the installation and the product itself. This site is definitely recommended! ‘ 

Hans – RCD 300 Black-Chrome | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘Radio like new, good sound, fast delivery’

Ordered Sunday 8-7, delivered Tuesday 7-7. VW Van den Udenhout built in. It is now a beautiful whole. Recommended. ” 

Bass – RCD 300 Silver | Golf V | Plus | Passat | Caddy et al

‘Very good service’

“Radio ordered on Monday and delivered the next morning. Have it built in today and it works perfectly. Good service, radio was reserved for me for 2 days, top! Explanation is also perfect. If I ever need a radio again for my VW or for friends / acquaintances I will definitely recommend this site! ‘

Dick – RNS510 Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

‘Great help and perfect service’

‘I purchased an RNS 510 on June 14 from (formerly It is original VW device. (you also have imitation)    

Have to say that I have been helped very well here and that they have a lot of knowledge. Only had to visit the VW dealer to program it, but this did not work at the VW dealer (incomprehensible). Via (formerly received a different address and the device was registered within 2 minutes. Again the service was perfect. So if you want or are you going to buy an original VW device, first check (formerly This is service as it should be. 
Thank you Frans and good luck. ‘

Ivo – RNS510 Integrated navigation system | VW Golf VI | Plus | Touran | Polo | Passat et al

“Perfect service and keep agreements made.”

‘ I ordered an RNS 510 from (formerly and received it in perfect condition. I have received good and honest advice. There was a problem with the iDeal payment, but it was resolved immediately. The RNS 510 was delivered on the agreed date and was ready for use in my Golf V within 15 minutes . I can recommend (formerly to everyone. ‘

Albert Jan – RCD 310 blue-red | VW Golf VI | Polo 2008-2011 ea VW’s after 2008

‘ RCD310 is a super system ‘

‘ I ordered the RCD310 from (formerly and had it delivered the next day, which of course made me very happy. I had it installed at one of their installation locations and everything is working great! ‘

Geewee – RCD 500 MP3 | Golf V | Touran | Passat , etc

‘ Prima radio! ‘

‘ Recently ordered this radio from (formerly 

Delivery in about a week; the radio still had to get away from the supplier. 
Although this radio may technically be a bit inferior to (price-technical) comparable products from other manufacturers, I am very satisfied with it. 

The radio integrates perfectly into the dashboard and is very easy to operate thanks to the large keys and buttons. With the installation manual on the website, installation for anyone who does not have two left hands can be done within half an hour. 

I am extremely satisfied with the handling. ‘

Sebastiaan – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ Well-used product, reliable point of sale ‘

” I have had the radio in my Golf V for a month now and it works fine! The radio may have been ‘used’, but it cannot be seen. Plus I saved a lot of money by not buying a new one. This one is just as good and I am very happy with it! Installation went fine because I had received a small manual from (formerly It was just a plug and the antenna plug that I had to put in it. Arranged quickly, I was 100% easy. ‘

Bob – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al 

‘ Satisfied and good service ‘

‘ In my wave 5, a dinkie toy radio brand was unknown. This has now been replaced by the RCD 300 black. I originally ordered and paid for a silver. But after installing it I only found out that black had been delivered. It is only a small difference between the two so no problem for me. Have still contacted because there is a price difference between these two radios. We responded immediately and we transferred the difference in price back to us. A minor inconvenience, but now very satisfied, the dashboard now looks finished. ‘

Passat 2006 Owner – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ excellent fast service ‘

” Ordered on Thursday, delivered on Saturday. Navigation stolen from the car so this radio as an alternative. Even placed with two left hands in a few minutes. 
(also explains why the navigation is so easily stolen). ‘

Bart – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ Very happy with new Volkswagen radio via this shop ‘

” Fast delivery, great radio! ‘

Theo – RCD 300 Black | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘Nice radio, good service’

‘Connected immediately upon receipt and built into Volkswagen Touran . There was such a Kenwood single Din and an empty box. Now it looks neat with this radio. I ordered and paid for it yesterday (14-9) and was delivered today. I recommend this shop to my friends too! ‘

Bertus van Meden – RCD 300 Silver | Golf V | Plus | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ Very satisfied ‘

” I bought this new radio and it was delivered after 2 days. I built it in immediately and it works perfectly. Those silver control buttons contrast nicely with the rest of the interior, especially because my Golf is gray metallic. No fuss, immediate delivery, promises kept, very satisfied. ‘

Laurens – RCD 300 Black-Chrome | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ good, fast, reliable ‘

‘ Ordered on Thursday 19 August and already delivered on Friday 20th. Everything according to description so completely satisfied! ‘

Rik – RCD 300 Black-Chrome | Original VW | Golf V | Touran | Passat | Caddy et al

‘ Perfect ‘

” Thursday 23-7 ordered radio and paid. The radio was delivered on Saturday 25-7! After some problems with connecting (which was up to me) very quickly resolved via email contact. In short, fast correct service! Really recommended. ‘