Warranty on the new products of Autopar

Our new products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The RNS510 P/T/Q version is an example of a new system on which we provide a 2 year (factory) warranty. Please note that some navigation systems have been used, this is indicated as ‘refurbished’ or ‘well used’ or ‘used’. These VAG systems come with a standard 6 month warranty.

Our used products come with a standard 6 month warranty, unless otherwise stated this can be up to one year. We test our products at all times and do not send them if they do not function properly. In the unlikely event that your ordered radio no longer functions properly within the warranty period, you may qualify for our warranty scheme. This can translate from paying back the purchase amount to exchanging it with the same or comparable product. 

Guarantee on the margin navigation systems of Autopar.nl

Our navigation systems come with a standard 6 month warranty. If not stated otherwise, this can take up to a year. Garage / car companies that purchase navigation products from us can also expect a 6 month to one year warranty. Something unclear? Contact us via info@autopar.eu subject ‘Warranty’ or whatapp us on +316 1244 54 61. 

Used products

Always keep in mind that some products on the website can be margin products. This is stated in the terms and conditions that you agree with when you order a product from Autopar. You cannot order a radio via Autopar if you do not accept the terms and conditions with the order process. A used product has always been tested and tested by us for external inconveniences. No radio navigation systems will be delivered with special optical or technical damage, because we have a strict quality inspection, you simply get a 6 month warranty on your ordered product. And don’t you like the system? Then you can simply return your product within 14 days. 

Do you have a radio from Autopar and does it no longer function properly within the warranty period? Take immediately contact us! We will do everything to solve any problems.